1994 Acura Legend Coupe Type II 6 Speed

In my opinion, the Legend Coupe 6 speed is one of the finest cars Honda ever made. It’s one of the finest cars Japan ever made as far as I’m concerned.

I wasn’t setting out to purchase this car. In fact, a friend of mine sent me the link to the Craigs List ad. I went to check it out, and I ended up buying it that day. I cover the story of that encounter in detail in the video.

This isn’t a perfect car, but it’s pretty darn good. It’s also a very rare find. I’m privileged to have it.

I have shot video of most of the work I’ve done up to this point. In particular the ‘paint restoration’ if you want to call it that. I’m not a body guy, but I feel the paint is way better than when I started. At least it feels presentable.

For now, I’m just going to love and drive the car. It really is a nice ride, especially on long highway trips. You almost want to keep driving.

Intro music by Eric Cook “ETCG1 Intro”.

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Acura Legend: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acura_Legend

1Factory Radio: http://1factoryradio.com

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