Easy Puttin Watermelon Color Hinamatsuri Jelly Pudding【1 Minute Cooking】

9th of 1min fast-forward cooking video series is Puttin Hinamatsuri(Japanese Girls day) Jelly!;)
i made these using cups of glico Puttin Pudding and JELLY ACE(Japanese style Jell-O).
they are strawberry,soy milk,and melon flavors and taste was nice;)
i bought JELLY ACE at 100yen shop(1 dollar store)”DAISO” in Japan.


3 puttin pudding cups(brush with cooking oil)
red jelly recipe
JELLY ACE strawberry 30g
hot water 60ml
fridge time over 30mins

white jelly pudding recipe
JELLY ACE soy milk pudding 15g
milk 60ml
(microwave time500W 1st 30secs,2nd 30secs)
fridge time over 30mins

green jelly recipe
JELLY ACE melon 40g
hot water 80ml
fridge time over 1hour

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